I started helping out at my family's restaurant at the age of 10 years old where I understood the meaning of the Chinese saying: “huet hon qian” which directly translates to “blood, sweat money."

Working at a restaurant taught me that every penny was earned by dripping sweat and by a sore body from long hours and constant movements. There were many moments when I was exhausted from the work, but the good food, especially the Kung Pao Chicken, always fueled me up! There were other moments where I would also glance over to my mom and wonder how she was able to work 7 days a week and at least 12 hours a day and still smiled brightly to her customers, employees, and to her family, to me.

As a first-generation Chinese American, my mom chose her profession not because she was passionate about the food industry, but because she wanted her daughters to be able to achieve their hopes and dreams for the future. As a second-generation Chinese American and first-generation college student, I needed to pursue my passions wholeheartedly and to reach success with the opportunity that my mom had provided me - an opportunity that no one provided her.

I now graduated from the University of Michigan where I concentrated in Marketing and Strategy at the Ross School of Business. Throughout my four years of college, my background in entrepreneurship was my foundation upon which I have been able to propel myself and to reach levels of success I have never imagined. At the University of Michigan, I had the opportunities to participate in 3 organizations: alpha Kappa Delta Phi, China Entrepreneur Network, and Best Buddies, to have internships abroad as well as during the school year and in the summer, and last but not least, to work at Rebrand Detroit, where I learned many valuable marketing skills from Hajj Flemings that can prepare me for my job post college. After graduation, I'll be working for Cardinal Health as a senior analyst for the Marketing Emerge program, a program that allows me to switch to a different marketing role every year for 3 years.

This was all made possible through my mom's hard work. Witnessing her work ethic and the sacrifices she made for us has inspired me to constantly challenge myself and to become a better me.

Thank you, mom.

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